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Benoît SCHMALTZTeacher-researcher

Associate professor - Jean Monnet University, Saint-Etienne
Research group “Production and normative interactions”

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Benoît SCHMALTZ is Associate professor (Maître de conférences) at Jean Monnet University, Saint-Etienne, France. His PdD thesis in Public law, Les personnes publiques propriétaires (Public persons as owners) was awarded the annual prize of the French association for research in administrative law (AFDA 2015) and published, also as a distinction, by Dalloz editions in 2016. From 2019, he is working on the law and governance of the ecological crisis and will seek to achieve full professorship with a new thesis about property and the Anthropocene. 

He joined the Earth System Governance project and more precisely the Earth System Law task force while developing the project “Legal Met”, towards a legal formalisation of social metabolism. This project is trying to combine legal theory and engineering with social ecology and ecological economics, especially the biophysical economics of Charles A. S. Hall and Kent Klitgaard. 

Building up from the theory of subjective rights of authority and property elaborated in the thesis, he is defining social metabolism as the social appropriation of nature and the function of law to tame this power on things that is property. And the aggregate exercise of this power that is the economy.

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