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Professor of Public law – Jean Monnet University, Saint-Etienne
Research group “Production and normative interactions”

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After a PhD at the University Grenoble-Alpes, Aurélien Antoine was Senior Lecturer at the Auvergne University. He passed the Agrégation in Public Law in 2012. Since then, he has been a Professor of Public law at the Faculty of Law of Saint-Étienne. He is the vice-dean in charge of International Affairs and Communication. He’s the director of the College of Law and director of the Master "International Law, European Law and Comparative Law". He’s also the co-director of the institution which oversees the PhD students of the University of Lyon (École doctorale de Droit – ED 492). He's currently researcher at the CERCRID - UMR 5137 (Saint-Étienne) and the CERSA UMR 7106 (University Paris II - Panthéon-Assas).

Since the 1st of January 2023, he has been the incumbent of his University chair in Comparative Public law and politics.

Aurélien Antoine publish widely in comparative law, constitutional law and administrative law. His research principally deals with British public law. Since 2012, he has organized many symposiums and conferences about this subject. In 2016, he wrote a study of the British Constitutional Law published by the LGDJ and prefaced by Lord Mance, vice-president of the UK Supreme Court, and also for its 2018 edition, by Anthony W. Bradley, Emeritus Professor of the University of Edinburg (died in 2021). The 3rd edition was published in 2023. 

Since 2017 Pr Aurélien Antoine has managed the Brexit Observatory which is an academic group studying Britain’s withdrawal from the EU in its various aspects (law, politics and economics) and analysing the post-Brexit United Kingdom. He’s regularly consulted as an expert on Brexit and British law and political matters by public institutions and the media. He is a member of the oldest scientific law association in France, the Société de Législation Comparée and run the Constitutional law group into it. In 2014-2018, he studied the UK Supreme Court for a collective research about the making of the European constitutional courts’ decisions. He occasionally works with the Michel Villey Insitute in Paris and for the scientific website “Juspoliticum” about the historic and contemporary dimensions of the British political Constitution. He also writes for website of the Club des Juristes in France.

In 2021, his book "The Brexit. An English Story" (Dalloz, 2020) was awarded the Edouard Bonnefois-Institut de France price and the August-Debouzy - Club des Juristes 10th price.

He also published in business public law. His researches are about the application of competition law to public bodies, public contracts, and the enhancement of public properties (more particularly the enhancement of the cultural heritage). From 2009 to 2012, he developed a partnership with the Renmin University of China (Beijing), which was completed by two international conferences in China and France. He was invited in Bucarest by the Romanian Academy to present a comparative analysis of UK and French cultural institutions and heritage laws. He finally teaches business public law in foreign universities, especially in University of Sao Paulo (Brazil). More recently, he has turned his research in this field to explain the influence of orthodox economic policies on the French Council of State and French Constitutional Council emblematic case law.

He currently supervises five PhD in public law. He’s a member of the selection committees for Senior Lecturers in French universities and is a member of a few editorial boards of European and French law journals.

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