Yann FAVIER présentation en anglais

Yann FAVIERTeacher-researcher

Full Professor (private law)
Jean Monnet University, Faculty of Law (Saint-Etienne, France) - UdL (Université de Lyon)

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Yann Favier is a full professor in Private Law and member of the of research group ‘Decisions and Jurisdictional Process’ of the Center for Critical Legal Studies (CERCRID). He teaches civil law, social and welfare law, comparative law, family law and family procedure. He has been Assistant Professor at University of Savoie and Full Professor at University of Rennes. At the University of Savoie, he directed the Diplôme Supérieur du Notariat [Notary Profesional Diploma] and the Master Degree (LLM) in Droit Notarial [Notary Law] and also directed the Graduate Certificate in Child Well-being and Protection. He also directed a Degree in Comparative and Spanish law (Lyon 3-Jean Moulin, Institut de droit comparé Edouard Lambert). He is currently member of the Faculty Board and of the College Academic Council of the Jean Monnet University.

Yann Favier conducts research in family law, vulnerabilities, elder law, children’s rights and comparative law. His doctoral dissertation about Child’s Patrimony (University Lyon 3 Jean Moulin, 2000) in a comparative and critical perspective was led  by french and spanish directors J. Rubellin-Devichi (Lyon) and Luis Diez-Picazo from the Autónoma University of Madrid. Ongoing research interests include the regulation of adult conjugality, relations between parents and children, elder law, law and vulnerabilities.

Recently published books and edited collections include Rupture du couple : effets patrimoniaux, Paris Ellipses 2015, La justice des mineurs : une question de spécialité ? avec F. Ferrand, Stämplfi, 2011) – Droit de la Famille, Dalloz Action (ed. P. Murat)  and  papers in french, english (Cohabitation's Boundaries and the Confines of Tradition - Social & Legal Studies, forthcoming 2016 with R. Leckey), spanish (Autonomía Privada, Familia y Herencia en el Siglo XXI. Aranzadi, ed. L. Aguilar Ruiz, 2014) and  portuguese (Inalcançável definição de vulnerabilidade aplicada ao direito: uma abordagem francesa, São Paulo, Editora Revista dos Tribunais, 2013).

He has held visiting positions at the Pontifica University of Lima, Peru  and he has been invited several times at both universities of São Paulo (USP) and Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul (UFGRS-Porto Alegre) in Brazil, Seville University and Santiago de Compostela University and UNED University of Madrid in Spain and more recently at Montréal McGill Faculty of Law (Paul-André Crépeau Centre for Private and Comparative Law) and at the Faculty of law of University Laval in Quebec, Canada.

He speaks and writes in French, English, Spanish and Portuguese.

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